LCS Colonia

Yield Our Forefathers Could Only Dream About

LCS Colonia has been a top finisher for yield since entering trials in every rainfall zone, second only to LCS Jet. It has performed equally well in northern Idaho extension trials.

Originally bred in Germany and marketed in the US by Limagrain Cereal Seeds, LCS Colonia has both excellent yield and acceptable end-use quality. It combines a very dependable disease resistance package, led by resistance to C-Stripe, strawbreaker and stripe rust, with an excellent agronomic package noted for superior winter-hardiness and excellent straw strength.

Jean-Bruno Beaufumé, PNW Wheat Breeder

Agronomic Features

LCS ColoniaKeldinNorwest 553Whetstone
Test Weight58.861.661.761.4
Protein (%)12.712.913.313.0
Winter-HardinessGoodExcellentBelow Avg.Average
Heading (julian) 151.0146.7148.0144.3
Plant Height (inches)32.934.830.635.0
Straw StrengthExcellent AverageVery GoodGood
All available public and private PNW multi-year data used in compiling figures

Disease Resistance


All available public and private PNW multi-year data used in compiling figures.

Yield Performance

3 Year Average
Full data sets available online

End-Use Quality

LCS Colonia has the gluten strength and baking performance to meet industry quality expectations for HRWW. It has good flour yield, strong dough-mixing properties, good crumb grain and loaf volume.

Hayley Butler, Quality Manager

LCS ColoniaNorwest 553Whetstone
Flour Protein (%)12.312.113.4
Break Flour Yield (%)
Loaf Volume (cc)875.0890.0N/A

Data Source:

To obtain the most accurate technical data possible, ratings and scores are comprised of all available LCS and public research data. The results presented in this guide may not be an indicator of results you may obtain in your individual location, as local growing conditions-including soil type and weather-may vary. All growers are advised to evaluate data from multiple locations and years whenever possible.

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