LCS Colonia

Yield Our Forefathers Could Only Dream About

Our newest HRWW release, LCS Colonia, out-yielding Norwest 553 by more than 10 bu/ac in 2013 WSU variety trials. This variety has topped LCS performance trails for yield in each of the past three seasons, whatever the rainfall zone. It has also performed the same in the northern Idaho extension trials.

Originally bred in Germany and marketed in the US by Limagrain Cereal Seeds, LCS Colonia has both excellent yield and acceptable end-use quality. It combines a very dependable disease-resistance package, led by resistance to C-Stripe, Strawbreaker and Stripe Rust, with an excellent agronomic package noted for superior winter-hardiness and excellent straw strength. LCS Colonia sets a new bar for the HRWW in the PNW, and farmers can count on seeing a lot of value in this new release.

Yield Performance

2013 WSU Yield Performance (bu/ac) by precipitation zone
LCS Colonia BoundaryNorwest 553
All WSU Variety Data:

Agronomic Features

LCS Colonia has superior agronomic package headed by class-leading yield potential. With medium-short height and stiff straw. LCS Colonia would be considered an excellent candidate for intensive management.

Agronomic Features
LCS Colonia Norwest 553 Whetstone Boundary
Yield PotentialExceptionalExcellent AverageGood
Test Weight (lb/bu)
Maturity (julian) 149.5146.4144.8147.2
Plant Height (inches)31.828.833.232.5
Straw Strength Excellent Very GoodGoodGood
Grain Protein12.412.913.012.8
Winter-HardinessExceptionalBelow Avg. AverageGood
Data compiled from 14 location years of LCS elite performance trials planted over the past 2 seasons

Disease Resistance

The exceptional yield potential of LCS Colonia is due in part to a very strong disease resistance package, led by very good resistance to both stripe rust and strawbreaker foot rot.

Disease Resistance

All available public and private PNW multi-year data used in compiling figures.

End-Use Quality

LCS Colonia has the gluten strength and baking performance to meet industry quality expectations for HRWW. It has good flour yield, strong dough-mixing properties, good crumb grain and loaf volume.

Data Source:

Data presented are from replicated research plots grown by or on behalf of Limagrain Cereal Seeds. Actual performance is subject to variety of environmental, disease, and pest pressures. Individual results may vary. Races of pathogens and pests change over time. Disease and pest reactions are subject to these changes.