LCS Violetta

Bred for the Craft Spectrum

LCS Violetta is the first winter 2-Row malting barley released in our portfolio. Since entering the marketplace in 2015, LCS Violetta has shown an excellent adaptation to the eastern US – thriving along the Atlantic Coast and reaching as far North as upstate New York. LCS Violetta is also being grown in the Central Plains, as far south as Oklahoma. Superior yield potential and an excellent profile for all-malt styles of beer are driving the popularity of this new US craft barley. LCS Violetta was originally bred by Saatzucht Breun GmbH & Co. for farmers in the southern Bavarian region of Germany.

  1. LCS data, obtained from Hartwick College:
  2. Data obtained from Winter Malting Barley Trial (WMBT):
  1. Data compiled from Winter Malting Barley Trial (WMBT) 2016 & 2015 crop years. Full data sets available:
  2. Data compiled from VT Cooperative Extension 2016 Small Grains Report. Full data sets available:
  3. DON and FHB scores obtained from inoculated nurseries to simulate heavy pressure.

*Days off mean of trial