LCS Odyssey

An Adventure in Craft Barley

LCS Odyssey is a follow-up spring 2-Row release to LCS Genie. With improved pre-harvest sprouting tolerance, excellent yield potential and naturally lower protein content, this new release is in high demand across the US. LCS Odyssey is a must have variety for distillers, as it is the only malting barley variety available in the US today rated as Non-GN (zero glycosidic nitrile content). LCS Odyssey also has best in class resistance to Cereal Cyst Nematodes.

1 LCS data, obtained from Hartwick College:

2 Data obtained from Montana State University:

3 Data obtained from Michigan State University:

4 Data obtained from the American Malting Barley Association:

Data sets are available in their entirety at individual university websites.

*Days off mean of trial